With a leadership team that combines 200+ years of facility management experience, we know this industry inside out. We understand the quality standards, service, information and support you need to meet your KPIs.

Scott Agnew
Managing Director

Scott has more than 25 years’ experience in the cleaning industry and is the founder and director of Vivid Property Services and founder of Vivid Indigenous Services.

Driven by his vision to enhance service delivery for clients, Scott recognised the potential of innovative technology to revolutionise how cleaning services are managed and monitored. Vivid’s industry only, customised enterprise resource planning system and CleanTrak App stands as a testament to Scott’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to leveraging modern tools to continually enhance the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of Vivid’s operational excellence.


Dan Carpenter
Chief Executive Officer

Dan has over 20 years experience in leadership roles in the facilities management and infrastructure industries, Software as a Service, Commonwealth Government and NSW Police Force.  He is a strategic thinker and diversity and inclusion advocate, with vast experience in leading large-scale operations in complex industries.

Dan holds a Masters in Business Technology and a Doctor of Business Administration.  Dan has numerous peer-reviewed publications, primarily focused on safety culture and business ethics.  Dan is a member of the AIHS Ethics Committee and key contributor to the Australian OHS Body of Knowledge.

This is Susan Moylan-Coombs, director of Vivid Indigenous Services

Susan Moylan-Coombs
Director, Vivid Indigenous Services

Susan’s ancestry is Woolwonga and Gurindji from the Northern Territory. She has extensive experience working with First Australian communities nationally and internationally, with specific expertise in community consultation, empowerment and the facilitation of voice and storytelling. Susan previously held the positions of Executive Producer ABC’s Indigenous Programs Unit and Head of Production, NITV a division of SBS.


Dave Smith
Head of Service Delivery

With over 20 years’ experience in service delivery industries, having held several senior management positions for blue chip companies throughout his career. This experience has provided Dave with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage accounts across the Education, Corporate, Retail, Industrial & Government sectors in Australia and globally. Dave’s ability to provide support and training to onsite teams, through the eyes of the customer ensures a high level of engagement that benefits all stakeholders.

Over the past five years, Dave has been focussed on the cleaning and security industries throughout Australia including universities and the R&D sector. Dave is a professional and committed manager with deep experience in managing teams, supervising staff and controlling the operation and service levels of a variety of cleaning and maintenance organisations. He utilises his business acumen and relationship management skills to develop and grow support services within the existing client base, all the while ensuring risk is identified and contractual service obligations are delivered.


Steve Brookes
Head of Finance

Steve has over 20 years of experience in leading finance and accounting teams in industries ranging from fire and security, telecommunications infrastructure, digital service, and tier 1 construction with both Multiplex and Roberts Co.

Having set up companies from start up and led several transformation projects Steve’s goal is to add value through timely, reliable and insightful reporting and business intelligence. Steve is customer focussed and always looks to form collaborative partnerships to improve process and outcomes.

Steve is passionate about ethics, diversity, collaboration and leadership, and is a CPA with a business degree in accounting and economics from Monash University.

Sarah Stewart
Head of People and Performance 

A seasoned HR professional with a rich operational background that began with Marriott Hotels in both the UK and Sydney, Sarah’s passion for people and her innate ability to connect with individuals led her to navigate her career toward HR. In her most recent role at MILKRUN, a bustling grocery delivery startup, Sarah thrived in the fast-paced and agile environment.

As a strategic thinker, Sarah plays a pivotal role at Vivid, where she spearheads the company’s recruitment, retention, coaching, training and recognition initiatives. With a keen eye for talent, Sarah is dedicated to assembling high-performing teams and fostering a positive workplace culture. Her experience in both established hotel chains and innovative startups equips her with a unique perspective that blends traditional HR practices with modern, agile methodologies.


Geoff Price
Head of Business Development 

An Executive Manager with 25 years’ sales and operations experience in commercial cleaning, media, advertising, hospitality and retail.  Geoff is able to develop innovative ideas, build strong customer relationships, motivate teams through leadership and has a highly organised business approach.

Geoff is responsible for Business Development at Vivid and the successful mobilisation of new business relationships. He strives to deliver high standards in all areas of his work.

Chris Grant
Head of Support Services

Chris has worked for over 15 years within facilities management, infrastructure, SaaS and regulatory compliance. He has worked for large corporates, start-ups and government organisations.

He has extensive experience in the delivery of technology projects with a focus on ensuring operational excellence.

Chris has designed, led and implemented technology products that deliver strategic value to businesses by; improving efficiency, monitoring/optimising service delivery and reducing regulatory risk.

Chris is responsible for the Vivid technology roadmap including CleanTrak, Vivid Management System and key innovation projects.


Tony Lemura
General Manager – Government, Utilities and Transport

Tony is a seasoned manager with over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience. A results-driven professional with a strong background in facilities and project management, Tony is recognised for assessing operational needs and developing solutions to save costs, improve revenues and drive client satisfaction.

Tony manages the Government, Utilities and Transport portfolio at Vivid, working directly with clients such as Australian Federal Police, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Services Australia, Department of Infrastructure and Transport, Ministerial and Parliamentary Services, Sydney Trains and Northern Beaches Council.

Tony’s wealth of experience, unwavering dedication to results and proven ability to manage complex operations within government sites solidifies his role as a highly regarded leader.

Richard Javor
General Manager – Large Portfolio

With a career spanning seven years in the commercial cleaning industry, Richard has established himself as a dedicated and highly skilled professional with a focus on delivering impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards to a diverse range of prestigious clients including Ikea National, Spotlight Group, Qantas and We Work. Alongside a strong background in managing iconic hospitality venues, Richard is passionate about maintaining high standards and contributing to the success and reputation of his valued clients.

Kylie Maxwell
General Manager – Retail, Corporate and Education

Demonstrating her adept leadership skills, Kylie effectively oversees top-tier teams, fostering a culture of collaboration and genuine concern for her team members’ well-being, resulting in outstanding financial and operational achievements.

With an extensive background primarily in the hospitality sector, Kylie’s role as a General Manager highlights her exceptional capabilities in strategic planning, adept financial management, sales proficiency and the ability to cultivate new business prospects, all while delivering a deep-seated dedication to unparalleled customer service excellence.

This is Vivid key account manager Lisa Agnew

Lisa Agnew
Client Solutions Manager

Lisa joined Vivid in 2019 hailing from the advertising industry where she spent 16+ years at global agency M&C Saatchi, branding house Hoyne Design, and The Star Casino.

Lisa’s client-centric focus and can-do attitude has seen her manage some of the largest campaigns and clients in Australia.

She’s a strategic thinker delivering positive outcomes for her clients across the entire Vivid portfolio.

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