6 reasons to maintain a clean and tidy workplace

6 reasons to maintain a clean and tidy workplace

There are financial and reputational benefits to maintaining a clean and tidy workplace. Here are six reasons commercial cleaning is good for business.

1.    Productivity

Most of us spend around one-third of our time at work. Research (360 Services) shows a clean environment can increase the productivity of workers, bolster morale and motivation, and create a feeling of belonging within an organisation. On the flipside, unkempt workplaces cost businesses millions per year in reduced productivity.

2.    Image

Whatever your business, whether you sell products or services, your workplace directly reflects your brand. A dirty, messy, or poorly maintained workplace could tarnish your brand and dissuade potential clients or customers from doing business with you.

3.    Wellbeing

A clean and tidy work environment has health and wellbeing benefits, too. It’s no surprise as bacteria and germs thrive in dirty environments (as do pests) – especially in washrooms, kitchens and breakrooms. An unclean workplace could contribute to an increase in sick leave or unexplained absenteeism and that’s bad for business on every level.

4.    Retention

Great places to work are workplaces that are clean, tidy and well maintained. In these environments,  employees feel a sense of pride coming to work. They are more likely to recommend opportunities to their friends and family. You’ll find it easier to recruit and you’ll probably experience less attrition as well.

5.    Safety

Have you ever worked in an environment that was poorly maintained? Perhaps there were electrical cords running across the floor. Or maybe deliveries were left in the corridors for prolonged periods, or the rubbish bins weren’t emptied every day. Each of these things represents a safety risk. In an unclean or messy workplace, these hazards can go unnoticed whereas they’ll be obvious when things are clean and tidy.

6.    COVID-19

Dust, vapours and hazardous substances have always presented respiratory risk. But COVID-19 has altogether elevated the importance of ventilation and proper air filtration. The pandemic has provided employers with a sage reminder to regularly clean and maintain their HVAC systems to minimise employee exposure to airborne hazards.

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