Forensic Cleaning

Virus, bacterial and biological cleans.

Vivid Property Services provide a full range of forensic cleaning services, including biological hazzard cleaning from public locations (e.g retail facades) through to full anti-bacterial / anti-virus /  disinfecting services for sites.

Cleaning, sanitisation, and decontamination situations that are covered include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewage leak contamination
  • Blood and trauma restoration
  • Urine & Faecal Contamination
  • Bacterial or Viral disease outbreaks
  • Mould removal
  • Storm water damage

** Ideal service for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Remember, if part of your team becomes infected witha communicable disease, sanitisation of the work environment will help protect the rest of your team from also becoming infected.  Contact Us for more information.

Valuable Resources for Coronavirus

Australian Government coronavirus information (


World Health Organisation coronavirus information (

NSW State Government  coronavirus information (

Fogging of contaminated area
Fogging of contaminated area

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