How long have you been with Vivid?

I started with Vivid in 2013 when Vivid secured long term contracts with major retail banks.

What’s your title and role?

IT manager.  With the assistance of the tech team, we build and maintain all things technical in Vivid, including the CleanTrak and VMS ERP system.

IT huh? Does everyone in the office always hassle you to fix their iPhone too?

Being in IT is a bit like being a doctor or lawyer at a party.  You’re suddenly expected to be a guru on everything from why does my iPhone last only 5 minutes with charge, what is a good phone plan for my teenager to is TikTok safe for my kids?  Since our systems are all encompassing with the Vivid business, the tech team work across the business and touch nearly all operations.  My fav would be fixing paper jams in the copier.

Explain CleanTrak to us .. and how it came about at Vivid?

CleanTrak was developed by our founder Scott Agnew.  The concept was to address client concerns in the industry.  We went to the market to see what was available and quickly realised that we would need to invent everything from scratch.  Initially we used a device borrowed from the security guard industry and received a crash course on the foibles of Australia’s mobile networks, 2G vs 3G vs 4G, biometrics and a wonderful tour of outback Queensland.  From these experiences (CleanTrak 1.0), we partnered with the University of Sydney to produce a proof of concept on an app for the phone utilising facial recognition.  Using the lessons learned from our cleaners and CleanTrak 1.0, we brought all of the features at our disposal and past experiences to produce our current CleanTrak system, which continues to grow organically to meet the needs of our client and keep as at the leading edge in the industry.

So what’s the difference to just buying an operating system like CleanTrak off the shelf?

There are many products in the market place that provide time and attendance.  CleanTrak stands apart from these for several reasons.  The use of biometrics to confirm the cleaner is authorised is important, but not the major differentiator.  The integration with our system is the Vivid advantage.  The flexibility to add exit checklists to meet client requirements, housekeeping functionality, waste management, incident reporting etc.  The app has been developed to server the needs of all of our various sites, ranging from public space cleaning to security environments and individual task lists.

Got any new features coming up you can let us in on?

Vivid keeps developing its systems to maintain efficiencies in the business and provide better service to our clients.  CleanTrak is our major data collector from the field and there is so much more that we can collect.  As Rupert Murdoch once said, “Information is power”.  By increasing the data collected on the sites we can complete data analysis to provide unique insights into the site operations for our client.  This provides trend analysis and reporting that helps our clients know what is happening at their sites, since Vivid often knows more than or clients.

How important has technology and CleanTrak been during COVID-19?

Technology has been a major enabler of operations during this unprecedented (I had to say it!) time.  Having control over our own technology has been a strategic godsend.  It has enabled Vivid to be nimble and implement subtle changes that empowered the team. The ability to provide checklists, forms, Covid reports, photographic support and electronic attendance in real time has provided a level of comfort to clients that led to additional work from the clients in sites were service by competitors.

What does the future hold for cleaning technologies across the industry?

Technology is the final frontier in cleaning.  Cleaning is still a very labour intensive industry, with minor efficiencies currently gained in tooling to date (e.g. ride on sweepers, microfibre cloths etc).  Technology enables the site users to provide feedback – inform us when an issue occurs, consumables need stocking, focussed cleaning involved.  Technology will enable cost savings through JIT deliveries, people/traffic counters to direct cleaning to high traffic areas and events.

Finally, if I’m your  Secret Santa – what’s the most techy thing I can buy you that you don’t have?

Wireless headset.  Absolutely everybody has the air pods (including every member of family) except me.

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