INCLEAN 2024 Industry Leaders Forum

Vivid CEO, Dan Carpenter

Vivid's warehousing and distribution expertise includes working with Amazon.
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How was 2023 for Vivid? What were the highlights? What were the challenges? 

2023 saw Vivid continue to steer the business closer towards our mission of being the most respected, inclusive and innovative company in the industry.    

The post covid economy has driven up the cost of doing business whilst simultaneously putting immense pressure on our clients to find cost savings, from the amount of floor space occupied, to the services they procure. Using technology we adapted to our client needs through flexible and dynamic commercial and service delivery models.   

2023 did see us say goodbye to some long-term clients. Whilst difficult, these decisions have ultimately propelled us in the direction we want to head and allowed us to bring on many wonderful new clients. 

Restructuring our business to be more vertically aligned to our clients has been hard. This challenge was also one of the highlights ultimately. Mobilising an entire organisation to shift old ways of doing business, without losing the secret sauce, to new ways of creating value for clients in a sustainable way is no small thing.  

Along the way we continued to attract some of the industry’s most talented people.  Committed to continuous improvement, everyone at Vivid works incredibly hard. Keeping retention levels high and ensuring everyone’s health and wellbeing, whilst also meeting the needs of our clients is any organisation’s most important challenge, but I am proud that 2023 saw us exceed our employee engagement targets.  

Being acknowledged, on a competitive basis, by the industry for the work we do in our communities and commitment to improving the education and employment levels of our First Nations People also makes me proud.  

Our strengths, achievements and progress excite me – we are now harnessing the best of what we were with the best of what we needed to be.  

Dan Carpenter

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