INCLEAN 2024 Industry Leaders Forum

Vivid CEO, Dan Carpenter

Vivid's warehousing and distribution expertise includes working with Amazon.
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What are currently the most significant opportunities and challenges in the industry? How can the industry best leverage or address these?

The silver lining of the Covid epidemic was that the value of the cleaning industry became very salient, as were the many complexities inherent in the industry. There has been a drift away from that with the prevalence of work from home and economic threats taking the centre stage that was abandoned by Covid. However, the opportunity now is for Vivid to play a key role in partnering with our clients to ‘earn the commute’ of their people. A vibrant, clean and healthy workspace will attract talent and we have a main character role in that movement.

Vested outsourcing provides the framework for clients and outsourced partners to work together to achieve win-win outcomes and we aspire to play our role in that. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, and having a seat at the table as an equal adds value to all manner of opportunity. We often say that we aren’t just a cleaning company. We are a formidable technology company, the only one in the industry in fact, to develop and maintain our own CMMS. We are also a workforce planning company, incident response team and go-to for sustainability and social inclusion outcomes and much more. Collaboration between clients and cleaning companies can garner very good holistic outcomes. The master-servant mentality really needs to be exposed and exiled from the broader industry.

Dan Carpenter

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